The  Journey to  Karma Skin Care


Karma  Skincare is UK based and is a Vegan,, Gluten Free Range of products, created with  pure natural  ingredients, which are all Palm Oil free and   I only  use  the power of  plants and minerals  can improve your skin.


  "If you put something good on your skin then your skin will respond and glow"


"If you put chemicals or animal derived ingredients  on your skin,  your skin will complain and cause you problems".

Since I was a teenage I have battled with my skin,  I always thought it was oily  so I bought all the products available believing they would do what they claimed,  in fact they made my skin worse.

At the age of 40  and still battling with my skin  I decided to retrain into the beauty industry and when I started studying ingredients, I then  had that light bulb moment and discovered I was allergic to some of the chemical ingredients and nearly all skincare products  are  made from the same ingredients  so  That made me think,  can I create skin care products without chemicals.  The  answer was  Yes.

On completing my Aromatherapy exams and Advanced Aromatherapy  exams  I embarked on a journey of wholesome discovery  and many years of Research and Development I created  Karma Skincare. 

I may not be young or a stunning  beauty  but I do have Lovely  Skin  now  and Proud of it.



This is me at 53 years old and I still have not mastered the Filters or Photoshop App

Jessica Duarte

Make up Artist

Natural Ingredients are  Great for sensitive skin