What is Anti Viral ? Can it give Protection for COVID19 ?

What does Anti Viral mean? - It is a substance which inhibits the growth of a Virus Currently the Mod is offering a new layer of protection against COVID-19 as per Sky News can reveal, and it is a product, called Citriodiol, is known to kill types of coronaviruses. Which the Mod defence laboratory will test whether a product found to repel insects can also destroy a strain of coronavirus that causes covid19 There is a lot of media about essential oils and can they or cannot, work by entering the skin and destroy a virus. Essential oils have been dismissed for many years, they are classed as an Alternative Therapy but if the Mod are now looking for an answer wi

Protection against Covid - Are you already Immune

Do you already have the antibodies for the Covid Virus. Research is currently being carried out may give you the edge against the virus. Did you have the Tuberculosis Vaccine when you were a child. if so, you already might have the antibodies needed to protect yourself. The Telegraph, The Irish Times, Euronews and Medrxiv have all reported on this. The Telegraph - BCG jabs mean you are six times less likely to get coronavirus, study finds New research suggests that countries with widespread tuberculosis vaccination programmes have much lower rate of Coronavirus death rates are almost six times lower in countries with a widespread vaccination programme involving the Bacillus Calmett

Virus - Can Essential oils Protect you

What happens when you breath in Essential Oils Did you know there are hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating the anti-viral actions of essential oils? Here’s a quick review on them. Yes, there is a little bit of chemistry, but I will keep it short. One of the great things of using essential oils therapeutically, is the ease with which they get into our cells and our bloodstream. ( Warning Chemistry bit) Because of their lipophillic (‘fat-friendly’) nature, essential oils pass through cell membranes, and make their way throughout our bodies when inhaled or used topically. When you put essential oils on your throat, they pass through your skin to the lymph nodes in your neck. When inha

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