Well Fit * Why Muscles Ache

Well Fit * Why Muscles Ache * Answers to Aches *

Have you ever wondered why muscles ache when you have worked out or completed an exercise class.

Understand your Body and how it works.

Your body has a heart which pumps the blood round giving oxygen to all your organs and limbs, so when you move your arm or leg the muscle is creating energy.

Once the oxygen is used up there is a waste product called lactic acid and your lymph system comes along and picks up the waste product and transports it to the lymph nodes who then dispose of the lactic acid.

The lymph system does not have a heart to pump it round so it relies on your muscles moving to pump the lymph system around the body.

When your muscles are bunched up, the lymph system cannot get through to the lymph nodes so the lactic acid then builds up which can cause aches, cramps and general discomfort.

The more lactic acid builds up the more intense the ache.

Answer * Release the muscle and you release the ache *

An Epsom Salt bath was the original way to release muscles (Epsom Salts is Magnesium Sulphate) and muscles need Magnesium to work properly.

which every organ in the Body Needs for health as well as relaxation.

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