Your Skin Talks to You * Are you Listening *

Redness, Rashes and Rosacea

Listen to your Skin

The Redness is when extra blood rushes to the skin’s surface to either fight off irritants and encourage healing or it can come from exertion, such as after a heart-pounding exercise session as it is trying to cool you down.

It is not always a cause for concern but skin redness can be irritating and uncomfortable but your skin is telling you it needs to help your body.

From sunburn to an allergic reaction, there are many situations in which your skin can become red or irritated.

So ask yourself

What activities were you doing in before you noticed the skin redness?

Are you taking any new medications

or what skin care regime are you doing

or what cleaning products are you using

Do you have a family history of any skin conditions?

Have you experienced this skin redness before?

Were you around others who may have a similar rash?

Treatments for skin redness depend on what’s causing it. Examples can include avoiding the irritant or allergen that caused your skin redness in the first place.

Skin Problems

Synthetic Ingredients cause most skin problems. The skin can desensitize to synthetic ingredients.

The skin will react if it does not like an ingredient. You are less likely to have a reaction to a 100 percent Natural product.

For example you may like the smell, texture or brand of a product but your skin may not like it. If it does not like it * it will react* Please listen to your skin.

Think about it, if you bumped or scraped your hand would you be gentle and protect it. So it can heal. Or would you carry on scraping it.

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition which is severe inflammation of the skin capillaries which can effect the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Sun exposure, stress and spicy foods can contribute to the condition but also facial products can aggravate the skin. Do not exfoliate the skin or use any products like thermal masks these can cause more inflammation. Instead use a honey mask (honey naturally dissolves dead skin cells) and use only natural facial products.

Contact Dermatitis can be caused by sensitivity or allergies to certain household products or elastics or dyes. If you have a flare up after using particular products, might be best to get rid of those and try something more natural or at least wear gloves.

Certain make ups contain mineral oil (it sounds good but it is a waste product of petroleum) so can be very irritating to the skin, try and opt for mineral make up (made from actual minerals from the earth) which are much kinder to the skin.

Do seek medical advice on all persistent skin conditions.

Be nice to your skin, it can last you a lifetime.

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