My Brothers called me Witchypoo

As a small child I was given a Witches Hat and I refused to take it off (until it fell to pieces or it was hidden from me) and my brothers nick named me Witchypoo

Yes it is true siblings can be hurtful but they meant it in a playful way and now I look at as a fond memory.

"Sticks and Stones may break my bones but Names will never hurt me."

Now, with all the social media, it seems that words do hurt and can have terrible consequences. Not just Fake News or False Allegations but words can have the ability to cause Anxiety and Depression for individuals. which can lead to a long list of mental health issues.

Can Kind Words help * Yes they Can *

You can change a persons day with just a few kind words, give them a boost rather than confirm their own false beliefs that they are not good enough.

It has took me many years to believe in myself and each knock I have had was in fact a lesson I needed to learn.

So ask yourself * If a person is putting you down * what are they trying to achieve.

.. Control over your emotions

. Power over you

. Envy of your Talents or Abilities

. Or just they are feeling rubbish and what you to feel the same

When you realize what they are doing they no longer have control over you.

What Other People Think of You is None of Your Business - It is What You Think of Yourself that Matters.

I am off now to go and buy myself a New Witches Hat, it suits me and am ready to Formulate my new Body, Sun Protection, Insect Repelling Lotion.


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