Karma Skincare has worked wonders on my skin, its all-natural, no hidden chemicals!! and Vegan (important to me) :)
I have very sensitive skin which is prone to acne but Lesley showed me how her products (creams, serums, cleansing milk, mineral powders...) will help my skin heal it self.
Can't recommend it enough!

Chloé Ophelia     https://www.facebook.com/imagesbyophelia

Have been using these lovely natural products for over a year. My favorites are the Night Cream which is so light when I put it on and works hard whilst I sleep and the Facial Oil for an extra lift. Definitely the Magnesium and Aloe Rub which is totally brilliant, I had a particularly nasty hip op and using it regularly certainly helped my muscles mend and kept cramp at bay. Lesley is so kind and knowledgeable about her products I can’t recommend them enough ..... wonder what will be next, can’t wait to try it. Thank you Lesley.    

Jane Shipley

My Thoughts…

You may think this review is biased, I don’t often give something 10 out of 10. So I just want to stress from the get go that I’m not promoting this product for monetary gain. It’s just something I really, really believe in.

I first discovered Buzz Free Zone Gel a couple of years ago when I was preparing to spend a month in Thailand. I’d been doing a bit of research on mosquito repellent and was a bit bummed out by what I’d found. Most of what was available was full of chemicals and the consensus was that repellents had to contain DEET to be effective.

DEET, or diethyltoluamide, was developed in 1944 by Samuel Gertler and was originally used as a pesticide. It’s supposed to be used on skin and clothing but has been known to have toxic side effects in some situations, affecting the skin, brain and cells of both humans and animals. Was this really something I wanted to be putting on my body every day?

Thanks, but no thanks.

A friend recommended that I check out Karma Skincare for their all natural products and that’s when I came across Buzz Free Zone Gel. I loved the idea of a repellent made from organic, natural ingredients, with no DEET. I order two bottles straight away.

This gel is absolutely amazing. Not only is it 100% effective (I was in Thailand for a month and only had one bite, on the eyelid, a spot I’d missed with the gel) but it also smells divine. I use it here in Portugal in the summer and every time I smell it it takes me straight back to Thailand. The essential oils give off such a delicate perfume you don’t need to use anything else.

Not only does Lesley have amazing knowledge about natural ingredients but she is passionate about her products. From the products I have tried, I can honestly say that not only did they work, but I know 100‰ that they will cause no harm to my sensitive skin as the products are made with natural ingredients, they are eco-friendly and made with love! Each product is unique and definitely worth a try. I highly recommend them!    



Fabulous, ethical products that actually make a difference       Well done Lesley :) I'll be back for another treatment soon x

Sarah Young  


Molly Symonds

4 days ago

Amazing products. The magnesium massage on my arthritic hand was a revelation. Feel so much better after only one massage - can’t wait to see what it is like after a week. No more suffering. The cleanser, pure rose water toner and the skin firmer are wonderful and made my skin look and feel amazing after only a few uses. Would most definitely recommend. Molly, Kinver

Bought the Magnesium and Aloe Rub for nagging hip, shoulder and neck pain I think caused by my osteoporosis and it has worked a treat. Met this lady while in Portugal and she could not have been nicer. She was very informative and not pushy at all. I think she rightly has confidence in her products.               Doreen  Copeland  posted on Google

Fabulous organic products that work!! Would recommend to anyone!

Chad  Teixeira

Thank u Lesley Wal for your time yesterday & help & advice about my very swollen ankle I'm So happy with your magnesium & aloe rub for muscle & joint release I got from you, the hospital said the swelling in my foot would take 6 months ? Yesterday. Really well today my foot is nearly down completely I'm amazed & can walk with out the stiffness your advice was spot on, I purchased this from you for my partners night cramps ? After one application he couldn't believe his immediate relief hence to say he hasn't had since 3 weeks ago that was I used same product on my restless legs & slept like a baby again results instant I'm going to arrange a day with you to bring your products to show my friend customer & family thank u


this is the most amazing product, I have used , pain relief is almost instant, we don't use anything else now. can not recommend it enough


Debby Burton   https://www.facebook.com/debby.burton.982?fref=ufi&rc=p

Cleanser - always suffered with troublesome skin, cleanser is hassle free to use and lasts a long time. Noticed a difference to my skin not looking as angry and allows me to wear less make up

Nicola Orme    Wolverhampton   U:K:

Magnesium review - suffered with neck pain for many years, some nights it made it a struggle to sleep, the cream helped ease off the pain and sleep easy again! 

Mrs Orme      Wolverhampton   U.K.

Purchased the magnesium & aloe rub for my lower back & shoulder pain & it's absolute magic!!!
I cannot recommend this product enough.This product belongs on the high street shelves because it blows its popular rivals out the water & deserves more recognition.

   This is really good stuff iv tryed a couple would recomend for everyone and well worth the money
i have had the magnesium and aloe rub for restless leg syndrome and it does help

June 05, 2018

Hi Lesley. The cream I bought at the Faticil Algarve Show namely Magnesium  Aloe  Rub is absolutely brilliant. For three years I have not been able to lie on my left side at night in bed due to a knee injury. Since I bought your cream hey Presto been sleeping on my left side. Will be ordering more when this bottle runs out. Regards Burt.

I started using Lesley's products about 2 1/2 years ago. My skin has been difficult since puberty and in spite of trying everything, pharmaceutical, dermatological, lifestyle changes, treatments you name it, it just continued to be a problem. Acne, eczema and just about everything in between...it was really really hard to deal with.
I had not had much success with organic natural products but figured they were the lesser evil. I'd been trying for some time to find a therapist who used simple products because facials always caused irritation. And then, thankfully I discovered Lesley!
Using her completely tailored approach to my skin there was an immediate improvement, and after 2 years the difference is truly amazing. I'm usually make up free but on the occasions I do use cosmetics Lesley's mineral make up is perfectly sufficient. None of Lesley's products are heavy on the skin, everything is light and absorbable from the facial oils and moisturisers to the body lotions and magnesium (wonder!) cream. I wouldn't use anything else, these products have totally changed the game for me. Before Lesley, I was always searching for The product that was going to make the difference, now I know exactly where to go.
In over 20 years nothing worked, doctors, dermatologists, therapists, intensive treatments, probably all made it worse in fact. But thanks to Lesley's deep understanding of how skin works we managed to turn it around. Ever thankful.


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