Karma Rose Water Mist 100ml

Karma Rose Water Mist 100ml

  • Nutrition for pores
  • Plumps skin
  • Helps moisturizing serums, oils, and creams absorb better (and work harder)
  • Ultra-fine hydrating mist  to soothe and  balance skin
  • Controls   excess oil  production


Plump skin, infuse pores with nutrients, and kick hydration into high gear with this face mist   with  just 1  ingredient 


Your moisturizer’s best friend      -    So  say  Hello   to a Healthy Glow!


Dial up your hydration with Karma  Rose  Toner  Mist.     It is  100%   Rose Water is a  hydrating mist   to balance and prime   the  skin,     so  when you follow-up with a  moisturizer (serum, oil or  cream)   it absorbs   better (and works harder!).


The ultra-fine micro mist infuses skin with nourishing  Karma  Rose Water  Mist  aims  to  control excess oil.   


Did you know?

Toner is one of the most misunderstood products in skincare.

It is a  necessary step that gives you that  extra mile that makes your whole skincare routine better.


When  used  after cleansing,   it creates a hydrated base to help moisturizers absorb more effectively.


This is one product you’ll also want to have on-hand all day, so you can use it to soothe, hydrate, and refresh your skin whenever you like.


How to Use

After cleansing, spritz freely over face and neck (eyes closed!). For best results, follow with moisturizer while skin is still dewy. Use throughout the day for a quick hit of hydration





Rosa Damascena Flower Water – organic, triple distilled – and nothing else.


How does it smell?


Beautiful. Like a rose garden in a bottle…