Banish the Winter Colds and Flu

Invoke the Spirit of Christmas Past with the aroma of Pine – Cinnamon - Orange – Clove Bud -Ginger – Frankincense.

Pine Needle Essential Oil -

The smell of a

freshly cut Christmas Tree – the tangy spice of freshness

when you walk into the room is uplifting and instantly transports me back to my childhood.

The Health benefits for this oil are it clears nasal congestion therefore great for colds and flu.

Cinnamon Essential Oil -

Such a spicy aroma which is warming, comforting and strengthens the mind especially when you have a huge list of chores to do or Christmas shopping and your energy is a bit flagging.

Just a whiff can give you the boost you need. The truth is it does act like a tonic to the mind and body. Another oil great for colds and flu.

Clove Bud Essential Oil - A full bodied warm aroma very closely associated with Christmas with the spices used in Mulled Wine. A classic is to blend sweet orange oil and clove bud an create an instant enlivening fragrance which creates a welcoming atmosphere to your home and usually appeals to everyone. Not only great for the immune system but it also an insect repellent.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil - So uplifting and refreshing this burst of citrus freshness always a cheery oil which almost brings a ray of sunshine indoors no matter what the weather is outside.

Ginger Essential Oil - This is a warming spicy yet sweet aroma can help with motivating you. When you feel stuck to the sofa and you know you need to up and about this gives you strength, determination and gives you clarity. Also helps to purify the air against viral infections.

Frankincense Essential Oil -

An earthy rich, warm fragrance with a sweet balsamic undertone, it has a perfect calming, relaxing aroma which is perfect for the run up to Christmas. It has been used for meditation for along time, giving an atmosphere of serenity and allows you breathe deeply even in the most tense situations.

Banish the Winter colds and flu as these oils are all anti-bacterial and have anti-viral properties, so not only are they warming they are some of the most unrivalled bug busters and it is all from Nature.

Fill your home with welcoming natural aromas to produce a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. You can use them individually or blend them together to your own personal taste.

Just enjoy the festive smell of Christmas.

Merry Christmas and I Hope you all have very Happy New Year.

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