The Ugly Truth of Beauty

We all want to look our best and purchase face and body products which can be leading expensive brands or more affordable ones which are advertised by stunning models in the hope that we would look the same.

Truth is we are not all models and we come in all different shapes and sizes, which is rarely what we see in fashion magazines or television adverts. So we compare ourselves to what we think is perfection and then think we are not good enough.

My dreams of being a six foot tall were dashed when I reached 5 foot nearly 1 inch tall and it stopped there.

I can wish and want all I like but I will never be any taller so I accepted my height and decided to make the most of what I have got.

Skin Confidence is True Beauty as it radiates from within,

Do not be fooled by the marketing tactics used, do those models actually use the beauty products they are trying to sell or are they being paid to stand there.

There are many untruths about beauty products and ingredients, how many of you have bought a cream which is advertised as the ultimate must have and discovered it did not do anything like it claimed.

Knowledge is the true answer, look at the ingredients on the bottles, are they harmful, are they natural, what have they actually put in the product.

Has the ingredients been tested on animals, If you saw how the tests are carried out on animals - would you still buy it.

There are so many harmful chemical ingredients in beauty products - when you start looking at them, you then realize they are not going to make you good, in fact the opposite.

That is the Ugly Truth

Get your Skin Confidence with Knowledge

Use Skincare Products which enhance your skin, rather than chemically laden ones which can harm the skin.

Go Cruelty Free

Make a Change and Make a Difference to your Skin and the Environment.

I may not be young or beautiful but I do now have lovely skin.

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